You can choose a Vintage product, or a range of such for one of your special Events. Do you have already a cup you want to Refill? Few options are available, you can always drop by or send some receipients and I can remake them into Candles.

One of my favourite topic is the collab with Artists. Reshape creations into unique Candles.

Other Shapes are also available, inspired from my real life events, travels, moving houses, anything that leaves an impression.

Pick the one that adds value to you. Also, I loooove surprises. Do you?

The Vintage section is rather unique and varied. No two candles end up being same. Hence the vintage candles can be ordered based on quantity of wax (= burning time), price and cup type, glass or porcelain. The shape remains a surprise. Hoping you like this approach, feel free to browse the options in my shop!

Duo of Vintage and Shapes are a recommended #homemade #gift for the #relaxation of your beloved ones!